Registering as an NDIS provider in NSW
Registering as an NDIS provider in NSW is a process that has been agreed by the NDIS and NSW government through the NSW Quality and Safeguard Transitional Working Arrangements, which outline the process in place until the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework is implemented.

To register as a provider in NSW see this link.

Requirements are outlined in Section 3 Requirements for Providers of the NSW Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements document.

  • Requirements for existing NSW FACS (ADHC) funded service providers (who wish to provide like service or expand their service offering), new providers, and existing Commonwealth funded disability services (including those who wish to expand their service offering) are outlined in this section.
  • The requirements for registering as a provider depend on which support clusters you are registering for. These are outlined in Appendix 2 of the document.

Third Party Verification
Third Party Verification is one of the requirements for registration against the clusters outlined in Appendix 2 Part B of the NSW Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements document.

  • There are exceptions to this requirement for the Early Intervention supports for early childhood (early childhood supports) and these are outlined in the information about that cluster.
  • Third Party Verification is against the NSW Disability Service Standards, or comparable standards. Comparable standards are outlined in Section 3.
  • Information on Third Party Verification against the NSW Disability service Standards is available here.
  • A list of approved Third Party Verifiers is available here.
  • Resources to assist organisations with Third Party Verification, including a workbook and information on the NDS Quality Tool are here.

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