Information & Knowledge Management

Organisations with the business management capabilities required to thrive in a market-based system will be able to demonstrate good practice across a range of domains that include:

  • Robust and reliable data collection mechanisms.
  • Information management systems that support client management, costing and invoicing.
  • Effective client relationship management information systems.

IDF Resource Tools

Sector Support Consultants

The team of Sector Support Consultants is funded by the IDF to provide individual organisational development advice and guidance to the CEOs and Boards of all ADHC funded NGOs.

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NDIS Provider Toolkit

The NDIS Provider Toolkit has been developed to help organisations to transition to the new market and maintain services that are viable and responsive, by helping them to understand and act to anticipate the opportunities and risks awaiting them.

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Social Impact Measurement Tool

Measuring the social impact of your organisation helps you to understand and communicate the social or economic value that your activity creates. By doing this, the stories of success, can be backed up with facts that prove, and improve the value of your activities.

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ADHC Feedback and Complaints Management Log

The Feedback and Complaints Management Log (FCML) is an online tool which has been developed to assist ADHC funded organisations to handle and manage complaints and to record and analyse trends from complaints to drive organisational policy development and continuous improvement.



The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.