Restrictive Practice Authorisation Panel

The information below is for individuals who are currently sitting, or intending to sit, on a Restricted Practice Authorisation (RPA) Panel for ADHC-funded and/or operated services within NSW.

Background: where behaviour support involves the use of certain practices imposing restrictions, the policy requires an additional layer of clinical scrutiny, specific consent and monitoring. The RPA mechanism provides this layer. In ADHC and many of its funded partners in NSW, the mechanism takes the form of regularly convened RPA Panels.

Target audience: behaviour support practitioners, senior clinicians from other disciplines such as speech pathology and occupational therapy, and senior staff of organisations with relevant experience and/or qualifications who can participate in or oversee an RPA mechanism.

The following resources aim to:

  • Build an organisation's capacity to effectively implement an RPA Panel as required under the ADHC Behaviour Support Policy;
  • Enhance understanding of, and adherence to, behaviour support policy requirements in the organisation;
  • Increase the available pool of suitably skilled panel members able to serve on an organisation's RPA Panel; and,
  • Provide information and resources to assist in clarifying responsibilities of RPA Panels and members.

Further information on RPA Panels - Factsheet [PDF] [Word]

Learning Guide

This Learning Guide provides the content delivered in the RPA Panel Member workshops run across NSW late 2015. The presentation was developed for NDS by Cerebral Palsy Alliance CPA, in partnership with Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

Once the training was complete NDS conducted a survey; participants were asked if  they, as an organisation and/or individual, were willing to act as mentors and independent panel members on on a Restricted Practice Authorisation (RPA) Panel. Results of this survey are available here. [PDF][Word]

Policy links

Below is an outline of support that can be provided by ADHC:

  • Behaviour support training and resources
  • Networking including behaviour support forums
  • Information about restrictive practices
  • Understanding and setting up an RPA Panel
  • Observing an RPA Panel
  • Opportunities for joint RPA Panels
  • RPA Mechanism options for small organisations

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