Social Impact Measurement Tool

Measuring the social impact of your organisation helps you to understand and communicate the social or economic value that your activity creates. By doing this the stories of success can be backed up with facts that prove, and improve the value of your activities.

In consultation with sector, National Disability Services (NDS) has developed a method which enables human service organisations to measure their social impact. We call this the Social Impact Measurement Tool (SIMT).

The SIMT is suitable for use in all human service environments and includes a range of tools and supporting information. You can read more about how SIMT was created and the experience of the trial organisations in the report [PDF 1807 KB] [WORD 2856 KB].

The SIMT assists by providing:
• Your organisation with data which highlights overall performance in supporting people to progress their goals.
• Your clients with a framework that can assist them to identify needs and support individual planning
• Your workers with information which can refine their daily practice in areas that have real impact for individual clients.


The SIMT also includes the capacity to analyse substantive and in kind financial inputs relative to outcomes for individuals or groups using your organisations services.

The SIMT can assist your organisation to communicate social and economic impact to:
• Existing and potential clients,
• Government,
• Existing and potential supporters and donors.

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