WHS Policies, forms and templates

A range of sample policy, procedures and forms are available which can be used by organisations after consultation on their suitability

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy updated

WHS Plan

WHS responsibilities in job descriptions

Risk management policy

Risk register

Induction checklist

Hazard report form.

Incident report form.

Incident investigation.

Prevention of Workplace Violence Policy.

Sample Consultation Procedure updated

Sample issue resolution procedure and flowchart

Smoke free workplace policy.

vehicle safety policy

sun protection policy

home visiting policy

Job Dictionary

host employer checklist.

Plant/equipment inspections.

group home inspection checklist

Client risk assessment.

Pre-purchase assessments.

home risk assessment - home care and respite

home risk assessment - early intervention and case management

Workplace inspections - internal and external

Venue assessments

client manual handling assessment

non-client manual handling assessment

Working at external locations risk assessment checklist

sample grounds maintenance handbook

procedures implemented for situations where a support worker is trapped in a client's home.

Slip/trip/falls Hazard Checklist

Slips, Trips and Falls Risk Assessment Tool

Basic client manual handling plan

Vehicle inspection checklist

Keyboard workstation checklist

Boardsafe checklist

Boardsafe Plan

Risk Matrix

Hierarchy of Control

Contractor management template forms:


Safe Work Procedures

Organisations should develop safe work procedures for high risk equipment and activities which cannot be controlled in any other way.

A booklet has been developed as part of a project undertaken by Sydney Uni Physiotherapy students which is aimed at reducing the risk of overuse injury amongst supported employees in ADEs. Care should be taken with introducing any of the suggested measures that it is appropriate to the needs of your workers.


The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.