WHS Resources

The Disability Safe project funded through the Industry Development Fund developed a range of resources designed to assist organisations to manage their work health and safety by providing templates etc which could be adapted and used and therefore shortcut the development process.  They also provide an opportunity to review your current WHS Management system to ensure it meets industry standards.

Disability Safe Posters - A number of posters have been developed for your use in your workplace.

Keeping Workers Healthy - When it comes to providing a disability service, workers are your most valuable asset. That's why caring for their health is important.

Managing a Workers Health and Safety Risks - Employers have a responsibilty to ensure that workers not only have the training and resources needed to work safely but also the understanding of potential risks and the ability to act on those risks when identified.

WHS Toolbox Talks - A number of powerpoint presentations have been developed which can act as the basis for toolbox talks to be used within staff meetings etc. to provide the opportunity for refresher training or reinforcement of key areas.



The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.